Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2017 Sep 25

The Sea, The Sea! A new Australian ESOL resource

Hazel with her new book, The Sea

In this post, I talk to Hazel Davidson about The Sea, in the sea, on the sea, at the seaside. This is the new book from Sugarbag on Damper, written by Hazel and Dorothy Court (with input from many, many people). I met up with Hazel in Mackay, at the QATESOL/QCAL regional mini-conference (which she was instrumental in setting up!), where … Continue reading

2017 May 21

ESL Extras ‘show and tell’ with YouTube

I’ve been experimenting with video lately – not that I feel very confident about having my face on screen – but there are things that text just can’t do. I want to show people what the books look like, demonstrate how I’d use the Maybe Next Year faces or the Welcome to Hope Street cut-ups, and answer those questions I … Continue reading

2017 Apr 11

Pre-employment for beginners: the resource list

From July 2017, our national AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) will change. Providers will be offering both a Social and a Pre-Employment English stream – at all levels. Teachers are looking around the bookshelves to see what’s there that’s not out of date (agencies change names, print ads disappear…). Some may have concerns, addressed a decade ago in the 2006 AMEPRC paper Teaching Strategies – 2 … Continue reading

2017 Mar 28

More CPSWE materials for prelim (literacy) learners

After my last post on materials for preliminary (CPSWE) learners here in Australia, I had some more suggestions; big thanks to Judy, Manjit, Lesley, Jakki and Natalie. (If I’ve missed anyone’s suggestions, please let me know.) I’ll update that post too. (UPDATE: I’m now teaching Initial Course and Course in EAL, but of course the resources listed here are just … Continue reading

2017 Mar 22

Pre-employment English for beginners?

I’m going to give a link to my latest post from my other blog, at ‘The Book Next Door’. It’s a list of ways you could still use the ESL Extras reading books in a Pre-Employment class – not by pretending the books are all about employment, but by pulling out threads that invite discussion. It’s a massively long post – the kind … Continue reading

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