Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia

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NOTE: If you’re already writing – and self-publishing – please get in touch with us at ESL-SPIN! We’re a group of small independent teachers-turned-publishers. And if you’re an Australian teacher either self-publishing or writing for the ‘big name publishers’, please get in touch with me, Clare, as I’d love to interview you for the blog!

If you’re more ‘interested in writing and getting published’, then here are some thoughts below:

Interested in writing graded readers for an international market? There’s some terrific information at the Extensive Reading Central site: links to articles on writing graded readers, plus links to a huge range of publishers.

Here’s an updated list of links and resources from a workshop I gave at the 2012 CLESOL Conference in Palmerston North, New Zealand. (Go to the next CLESOL conference if you get the chance. I attended the 2012 and then the 2014 in Wellington – both were wonderful and so very friendly.)

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