Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia

The Book Next Door

The Book Next DoorThe Book Next Door is my publishing venture. It began with my frustration when the AMEP Research Centre (NCELTR) at Macquarie University stopped publishing language learning materials, and other publishers I contacted said ‘Sorry, but Australian beginner materials are too much of a niche market to make them viable.’ Of course, I am hoping to prove them wrong…

I wanted to create photocopiable materials for ESOL/EALD learners, and these are the  ESL Extras available in language bookshops and libraries. There are now six reading book titles (as well as a free-to-download title), and a puzzle book. You can download sample chapters and audio from The Book Next Door site.

ESL Easy Reads are e-books, available through e-book distributors.

I’m not publishing other people’s work at this point, but would love to be in touch with other ESL writers who are submitting to publishers, or considering self-publishing or e-publishing. There’s more about the process on my Info for writers page.

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