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Unforgettable Notes

As well as creating English language resources, I have another small ‘passion project’ – creating books for people living with dementia or concentration challenges. So far these include puzzle books (with ‘bite-sized’ puzzles), illustrated poetry anthologies, guest books of various kinds, and memoir journals. My official author name for these is Unforgettable Notes (as I started off with the guest books).

If you’re interested, take a look at my Unforgettable Notes page on my other site, or just look up one of the book titles on Amazon – you can then click through to my Author Page and see all the titles!

Poetry books for people living with dementia from Unforgettable NotesMemoir books and guest books for people living with memory loss from Unforgettable NotesFrom Unforgettable Notes: Let's Focus on Puzzles: Puzzle books for people with cognitive challenges

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