Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia

Free ESL Extras book

Front cover of My Job is the BestMy Job is the Best is a beginner level reader in the Australian ESL Extras Hope Street series. It’s free to download from The Book Next Door, and you’re welcome to photocopy and share it. Like the print books, it has short vignette style stories, cut-up pages, worksheets and answers, a board game and teacher notes, as well as audio files.

The target audience is adult (or young adult) migrants to Australia, probably new to Roman script literacy and still at what I call ‘Beginner A’ level – still coming to grips with reading more than a few sentences, and comfortable with present tense rather than past.

The content is extremely simple, reviewing some of the language they are likely to have practised in class. Like the other books, the focus isn’t just the text, it’s the discussion and the language learning activities that the text can lead to.

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