Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia

In my last interview with Natalie Nawrocki  (Kim Loves Life) I thought how great it was to be able to say, ‘This is a free ESL resource’. Now I know as well as you do that I can search online for ‘free ESL resources’ and find a gazillion worksheets. However, I’m talking here about free Aussie resources, because I think … Continue reading

2017 Dec 07

Living well with Hepatitis B: a chat with Elene Claire

Elene Claire with the new resource, Living Well with Hepatitis B

I didn’t even know about this new ESOL resource set, Living Well with Hepatitis B, until I saw it at the recent QATESOL/QCAL conference – in fact I chose it when I won a door prize! I always love ELT readers, and the one in this set is very charming, with four short stories about people with Hepatitis B – … Continue reading

Diane Philipson, with Oz Phonics

Today I’m talking to Diane Philipson, the content writer behind Oz Phonics, and Steve Cossey, the app manager/developer.  If you teach pre-literacy or early literacy ESOL learners – and have access to iPads – you may have used OzPhonics as another way to review simple sound-to-spelling patterns. I’ve used the apps with adult learners, who like them a lot. I like … Continue reading

2016 Jan 17

ESL: What does it really stand for?

ESL: English as a Settlement Language?

I’ve occasionally felt a little awkward about the name of my book series, ESL Extras. ESL is such a familiar term, almost always known by volunteers and non-teachers, and of course still very much in use internationally. It’s clearly distinguished from EFL as something you learn in an English language environment, not in another language environment. However, here in Australia, … Continue reading

2015 Dec 08

A new link for those free reading books: ‘Bad Hair Day’

Bad Hair Day cover

A kind teacher just alerted me to an out of date link…for the lovely ‘Bad Hair Day’ ESOL/EAL reading resources by Karen Barber (who also wrote the Carly and Kumar books). These readers were free on the Central AMEP website, but now I see the link has changed: here’s the new one: Bad Hair Day readers. Four ESOL readers to download … Continue reading

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