Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2017 Sep 12

Lesley Cioccarelli and the ACTA Adult ESOL Interest Group

Lesley Cioccarelli

I was so pleased when the ACTA Adult ESOL Facebook group was set up, because I love to feel I know what’s going on, at a national level, but in a not-too-formal way. Lesley Cioccarelli (with Co-convenors Karen Barber and Elene Claire) was instrumental in this, and I’d hoped to attend her presentation on social media and professional development at … Continue reading

2017 Aug 21

Puzzles for ESOL learners (again!)

Why am I so obsessed with puzzles? Last week I got back from the fabulous QATESOL/QCAL mini-conference in Mackay, where I had to admit that some of the things I claim for puzzles can be argued against too; I’ve been thinking more about this since then. Are puzzles really non-elitist? I say how much I like the universality of crosswords, … Continue reading

2016 Mar 06

CamTESOL – and how we think about local teachers of English

Cyclo ride in Phnom Penh

I turned up at the CamTESOL 2016 conference with my head buzzing with impressions from Angkor Wat, from the Landmine Museum, from a dusty bus trip to Phnom Penh, from a cyclo ride around the city. Still, I was relaxed; somehow I’d got the idea (perhaps based on the reminder not to wear a suit or high heels) that the … Continue reading

2015 May 14

Free digital literacy resource kit from AMES Vic

Free resource kit

I had an excellent time at the NEAS conference: lots and lots to think about and the happiness of catching up with materials writer Lilliana Hajncl, who was presenting on the FREE Digital literacy for mobile phones: Resource Kit that she developed with Dora Troupiotis – it’s free from the AMES Vic website, but I have to confess I’d never looked … Continue reading

2015 Apr 20

The NEAS conference approaches…

Doltone House, the NEAS Conference venue

I’m looking forward to the NEAS conference in May (and as usual it’s a stunning location, based on this photo from their site…) Please come and say hello if you’re there – I’ll be attending the AMEP sessions, of course.

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