I had an excellent time at the NEAS conference: lots and lots to think about and the happiness of catching up with materials writer Lilliana Hajncl, who was presenting on the FREE Digital literacy for mobile phones: Resource Kit that she developed with Dora Troupiotis – it’s free from the AMES Vic website, but I have to confess I’d never looked at it. Now that I have, I want to be back in the classroom, so that I can use it!

I particularly loved the activity on the appropriate use of mobile phones. Question: Is this an appropriate message to send to your boss: Not coming in today. Have a nice day.

It sounds too unlikely for words, but as Lilliana explained, was actually based on a real life situation … a reminder of how valuable our work with new learners of English can be.

So if you want to make use of the technology that most learners have, I can recommend this resource, however: UPDATE: I’ve just been contacted by a teacher who alerted me to the fact that my link is broken and this resource doesn’t seem to be on the AMES site any more: I’ve emailed the Publications department but of course they’re on Christmas holidays… will update this when I find out more…