Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2023 May 17

The Initial EAL Workbook: An interview with author Assunta Crupi-Pogliano

Assunta Crupi-Pogliano has just launched her resource, The Initial EAL Workbook, designed for learners doing the Course in Initial EAL, and coming to grips with learning and with literacy. It’s an amazing 205 page book – that’s 195 pages of worksheets, covering all 67 of the performance criteria in the six units of the Course in Initial EAL. It features charming … Continue reading

2018 Nov 12

Reflections on being a language learner

Sign in Greek

I wrote last time about my experience of volunteering in Greece; part of the excitement was living in a country with an unfamiliar language AND script. I knew I wouldn’t learn much Greek, but was hoping to put myself in the position of  some of my learners, when they encounter the English script for the first time. Of course, in some … Continue reading

Diane Philipson, with Oz Phonics

Today I’m talking to Diane Philipson, the content writer behind Oz Phonics, and Steve Cossey, the app manager/developer.  If you teach pre-literacy or early literacy ESOL learners – and have access to iPads – you may have used OzPhonics as another way to review simple sound-to-spelling patterns. I’ve used the apps with adult learners, who like them a lot. I like … Continue reading

2017 Mar 28

More CPSWE materials for prelim (literacy) learners

After my last post on materials for preliminary (CPSWE) learners here in Australia, I had some more suggestions; big thanks to Judy, Manjit, Lesley, Jakki and Natalie. (If I’ve missed anyone’s suggestions, please let me know.) I’ll update that post too. (UPDATE: I’m now teaching Initial Course and Course in EAL, but of course the resources listed here are just … Continue reading

2017 Mar 22

Pre-employment English for beginners?

I’m going to give a link to my latest post from my other blog, at ‘The Book Next Door’. It’s a list of ways you could still use the ESL Extras reading books in a Pre-Employment class – not by pretending the books are all about employment, but by pulling out threads that invite discussion. It’s a massively long post – the kind … Continue reading

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