Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2017 Jun 18

Real Grammar: a chat with Carl Eldridge

In this post, a chat about Real Grammar (out last year) with author Carl Eldridge: Carl, I know you were wanting to create something different from the usual grammar books. What has the reaction been to Real Grammar?

 The reaction has been great. Students tell me they finally understand how grammar works and can now make their own sentences with confidence. Which … Continue reading

2017 Mar 22

Pre-employment English for beginners?

I’m going to give a link to my latest post from my other blog, at ‘The Book Next Door’. It’s a list of ways you could still use the ESL Extras reading books in a Pre-Employment class – not by pretending the books are all about employment, but by pulling out threads that invite discussion. It’s a massively long post – the kind … Continue reading

2016 Jun 06

Dyslexia and ESOL teaching: post-MOOC musings

Certificate from FutureLearn course

I scrambled my way through the last two weeks of Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching – late with my assignment, very aware of what it means to add study to an already busy life. Each small section invited reflection and comment – and as I mentioned in my thoughts from week 1, sometimes there would be more than 400 comments to … Continue reading

2016 May 11

More thoughts from MOOC-land: Dyslexia and FL Teaching Week 2

A little illumination graphic

I’ve been studying the (highly recommended) FutureLearn MOOC* on Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching, from the University of Lancaster, and my previous post was about the impact of Week 1 on my thinking. Now it’s the turn of Week 2…. In Week 2 of the course we moved on to ways that we might accommodate and support learners with learning … Continue reading

Back to study with a MOOC

A couple of weeks ago I signed up* for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through FutureLearn. It’s a 4 week course on Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching, from the University of Lancaster. It’s a bit ironic – I’ve been recommending the Australian Open2Study to high intermediate learners as a way to see how prepared they are to study in … Continue reading

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