In my last interview with Natalie Nawrocki  (Kim Loves Life) I thought how great it was to be able to say, ‘This is a free ESL resource’.

Now I know as well as you do that I can search online for ‘free ESL resources’ and find a gazillion worksheets. However, I’m talking here about free Aussie resources, because I think that – at lower levels especially – it’s so important for learners to get local information and culture, as well as language.

So I’ll update my resources-for-adult-learners list and hope that other people can add to it! I know that links are prone to change – so updates are welcome too.

Free Australian ESL resources


Reading books: beginner – to download

  • Kim Loves Life: health issues reading book at ‘beginner up’ level, with teacher’s workbook and resources at higher levels.
  • Welcome to the Library: also from Djerriwarrh with Melton City Council: it’s a reader and rap song
  • My own book: My Job is the Best: reader, cut-ups, worksheets, teacher notes
  • Stay safe readers: beginner literacy readers about Home Safety, on the old NCELTR website

Reading books: beginner – to read online

  • Karen Barber’s Bad Hair Day series – now on Youtube, with page turning and audio.
  • MOOEC: Beach Safety (based on the TELLS Safety at the Beach reading book)

Namaste reading bookReading books: post-beginner to intermediate level

 Teaching resources: all levels

Teaching resources: post-beginner to intermediate

From AMES NSW (now on the VETRES site): four resources

  • Fire Safety
  • Calling an Ambulance
  • Beach Safety
  • Understanding good health

Lily the VolunteerFrom AMES Australia (Victoria):

  • Digital Literacy for Mobile Phones resource kit
  • Lily the Volunteer (great for pre-employment students)
  • What’s the law? kit: find out about it here, but contact your local legal aid centre to get the free DVD.
  • Work at it: Podcasts on jobseeking and career planning
  • Career Development Skills for CALD Learners kit: “a free kit to support the delivery of an integrated career development program to adult EAL students at a pre-intermediate level of English in conjunction with their English language program.” (Thanks, Lesley Cioccarelli, for this update – I’d missed it!)

Training materials from AMES Australia, for teachers/RTOs:


Self-study for learners

  • AMEP Online: an less-than-appealing interface (and may be confusing on a phone), but great content (from the old Navitas Distance Learning program)
  • MOOEC has a huge number of IELTS prep and academic level courses, and some more vocational ones, like Sun safety – ideal for would-be child care workers

Schools resources

What have I missed? Please, if you know if more free Australian ESL resources aimed at adult learners, let me know!!