Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia

Last week I was looking at the AMES Australia online bookshop and realised they had a new FREE-to-download publication: Lily the Volunteer: an introduction to volunteering for CALD volunteers. That title is self-explanatory – the resource is all about ‘Lily’s’ foray into volunteering. It’s at post-beginner level, and the five units are: Getting Started, Making Contact, First Day, Overcoming Obstacles … Continue reading

If you’re teaching adult ‘prelim’, CPSWE, Initial Course in EAL, ‘pre-beginner’ or ‘literacy’ students in an ESOL class, you’re probably making a lot of your own materials. Your classroom cupboards are filled with word and letter cards, ‘play money’, food and medicine packets and supermarket flyers. Your reading materials are based on excursions or ‘learner news,’ recorded on learners’ phones for … Continue reading

Back to study with a MOOC

A couple of weeks ago I signed up* for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through FutureLearn. It’s a 4 week course on Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching, from the University of Lancaster. It’s a bit ironic – I’ve been recommending the Australian Open2Study to high intermediate learners as a way to see how prepared they are to study in … Continue reading

2016 Mar 06

CamTESOL – and how we think about local teachers of English

Cyclo ride in Phnom Penh

I turned up at the CamTESOL 2016 conference with my head buzzing with impressions from Angkor Wat, from the Landmine Museum, from a dusty bus trip to Phnom Penh, from a cyclo ride around the city. Still, I was relaxed; somehow I’d got the idea (perhaps based on the reminder not to wear a suit or high heels) that the … Continue reading

Welcome to Hope Street literacy level (CPSWE) reader

The latest book in the Hope Street series is an introduction to the series for ‘beginner beginner’ learners – those who are just able to read single sentences on very familiar topics (as in Module B of the CPSWE). Target learners: CPSWE or ‘prelim’ Welcome to Hope Street is aimed at learners towards the end of the ‘prelim’ journey, or … Continue reading

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