My Job is the Best: a new ESL Extras title

I have a new ESL Extras book out, but this time it’s a free download.

My Job is the Best is another very simple set of Australian ‘stories’ about different Hope Street characters. It has an illustrated, very simple story, with ‘cut-up’ pages, exercises and teacher/tutor notes, like the other books in the series. It’s Beginner A (present tense only) and you can download it from The Book Next Door website.

When I say simple, I do mean simple: here is story 1:

My name is Kelly.

I’m a train driver.

I drive a train all day.


After work, I’m a mum.

This is my husband, Dan.

This is our little boy, Jack.

Not so little now!


Every day, Dan takes Jack to the park.

They walk past the train station.

Jack waves at all the trains.

“Mummy, Mummy!” he shouts.


Jack wants to be a train driver too.

Jack thinks Mummy’s job is the best.


There are things to discuss here, particularly expectations around what jobs people do, who does the child care (in this case Dan, featured in the next story, explains that he’s being an at home dad this year), as well as practising the language of ‘what I do every day’.

A free Australian ESL resource

I’ve been wanting to offer a free resource for a while, and decided that this would be it. Of course it’s a way to promote the other books – but I’m also inspired by those people who offer so much for free online. (Name them? Where do I start? Paul Nation for ESL teaching and readers, Starfall reading, and for years, my sister, children’s author Emma Laybourn, who has a website full of free – and funny – stories.)

Of course, I think my own job is the best…