Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2020 Jun 01

New: ESL Word Search Plus: Post-Beginner

Cover of the Teachers Pay Teachers version of ESL Word Search Plus

Announcing a second book of word search puzzles: ESL Word Search Plus: Post-Beginner. Why puzzles? Well, many of us have discovered the calming nature of activities that need focus plus a certain level of repetition: jigsaws, knitting, puzzles of any kind – and word puzzles have extra value for our students because they require focus on the composition of words.  … Continue reading

2018 Feb 26

Workwise English Puzzles: looking at ‘workwise’ language

Box of Workwise English Puzzles

It took a year to produce, but finally Workwise English Puzzles is out and available in language bookshops! Like Extra Easy Puzzles, this book stemmed from my wish to create the kind of puzzles you might find in magazines. However, this time, I wanted to acknowledge the pre-employment English focus for so many of our lower intermediate to intermediate learners. … Continue reading

2017 Aug 21

Puzzles for ESOL learners (again!)

Why am I so obsessed with puzzles? Last week I got back from the fabulous QATESOL/QCAL mini-conference in Mackay, where I had to admit that some of the things I claim for puzzles can be argued against too; I’ve been thinking more about this since then. Are puzzles really non-elitist? I say how much I like the universality of crosswords, … Continue reading

2016 Jul 19

Passionate about Picture Crosswords…

Elizabeth Bezant with her crossword book

My next ESL Extras book is almost ready to go – a puzzle book called Extra Easy Puzzles. I’m not the only puzzle creator around, of course, and I’ve recently seen beginner learners getting very excited about some picture puzzles given to them by their class teacher. When I looked more closely, I realised that these puzzles came from the Picture … Continue reading

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