Teaching and writing materials for migrant learners in Australia
2014 Sep 03

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is an interesting and well-written story with a few twists suitable for pre-intermediate readers . . . I particularly like the main theme, neighbours, as everyone seems to have an opinion about them, whether they are current or former neighbours. Paradise Beach is well deserving of winning first prize for the 2002 CLESOL Write A Reader Competition and … Continue reading

2014 Sep 03

Life is full of surprises

This bright, friendly-looking little book is a wonderful addition to the range of “talking books” currently available, particularly so because it has Australasian speakers and an immigrant context . . . The story is interesting and, thankfully for an adult low-ESOL-level reader, assumes some intelligence on the part of the reader . . . The language learning and extra cultural … Continue reading

2014 Sep 03

Wandering girl

Clare Harris’s adaptation of the original story is a success. The language is suitable for intermediate English level learners. The story gives new arrivals some understanding of the Stolen Generation and what happened to them during that era . . . the cassette that accompanies the book helps the dramatisation of the story. It also adds to the Aboriginal feel … Continue reading

2014 Sep 03

Mystery and murder in Australia

[This] small book contains four of Australia’s most bizarre and enduring mysteries . . . The stories are fascinating . . . A great feature is the way that alternative theories of the day are worked into the mystery of each story. Recommended.

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